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Yoga: Mindful retreats in Nepal

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Yoga: Mindful retreats in Nepal
In this fast-paced life where we are consumed with stress and anxiety on a daily basis, it can get really difficult to spare some time for our own well-being. All the hustle and bustle of our mundane lives can take a toll on our sanity, hence it is highly necessary to take breaks and embark on an easy get-away and indulge in yoga and meditation.

1. Kopan Monastery
The Kopan Monastery is one of the most sought-after yoga and meditation retreat centres in Nepal. A widely popular place for recreation and mindfulness, the monastery is located on a hill above Bouddhanath on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Providing courses on Tibetan Buddhism and various forms of yoga and meditation, they are affiliated with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition, an organization keen on spreading awareness on Mahayana Buddhism. Courses and retreats are carried out throughout the year and the monastery is one of the best when it comes to finding peace and spiritual rejuvenation from daily stress and apprehension.

Depends on private stay or group courses
Day visit: 9 AM – 5 PM
Contact: 01-4821268,

2. Osho Tapoban
A retreat centre located in the midst of a forest in Nagarjun, Osho Tapoban might just be one of the most peaceful places in all of Nepal. Perched atop a hill, within the lush greenery with the sound of waterfalls thrashing down, you can imagine how blissful the surrounding must be. Designed by Osho himself, the centre offers various courses on yoga, meditation, psychotherapies and alternate healing that are sure to leave you in a state of paradise. Osho Tapoban delivers opportunities to people looking for a new way of living with more mindfulness, compassion, relaxation and creativity.

Daily meditation from 7 AM
Weekend Meditation Camp (Saturday evening through Sunday morning)
7 Days Transformation Meditation Camp (7-14 Jan – Sept, Dec)
21-Day Intensive Transformation Meditation (1-7 Jan – Sept, Dec, 5-15 Jan – Sep, Dec, 16-21 Jan – Sep, Dec)
Saturday Satsang
Contact: 01-5112012, 01-5112013

3. Tushita-Nepal Meditation Retreats
For those looking for a retreat that is away from the blaring noise of the Capital, the 1. Tushita-Nepal Meditation Retreats in Pokhara could most certainly be a perfect choice. Tucked in between the scenic landscapes of Pharping, surrounded by majestic mountains, lakes and greenery, the meditation retreat is an idyllic place to purely relax and unwind from the daily chaos. An ultimate destination for those looking to achieve a healthy body, mind and soul, this is the best place to detox and get some much-needed refreshment. Aiming to purify the mind and soul through yoga and meditation, Tushita helps regain balance between spiritual and material life, and provide contentment to everyone.

5 nights and 6 days introductory class
10 days intermediate class
30 days advance class
Contact: +977 061 621222, 9856025232,

4. Nepal Vipassana Centre
Located at the edge of Shivapuri National Park, Nepal Vipassana Centre is a secluded yet calm retreat centres that specialise in some of the oldest meditation techniques. The centre organises courses for both children and adults and emphasises on improving the concentration of the body, mind and feelings. They highly focus on turning people into optimists, more creative and improve their overall wellbeing. Being situated in the lap of nature, Nepal Vipassana Centre is a peaceful and zen abode for everyone wanting to escape from the routine of stress.

3-day course – December
10-day course – September
Contact: 01-4250581

5. Pranamaya Yoga
Not everyone has the time to go outside the valley for some yoga and meditation, which is why there are several great retreat centres in the Valley itself. It does sound ironic but Thamel, one of the busiest streets in Kathmandu is home to many yoga and meditation studios that offer great courses to achieve tranquillity. At Pranamaya, they offer various courses that suit the needs and requirements of every individual with a different group of teachers that specialise in each form. Whether it is stress reduction, or to improve strength and flexibility, or to calm down your mind, they do everything possible to offer different styles and courses, without having to travel far away.

Daily yoga classes
Frequent workshops
Contact: 9802045484
Smriti Bajracharya

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