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Nepal: Adventures Paradise

There is a whole lot of activities one can partake in to immerse in the adventurous part of Nepal. While some are tremendously hardcore and definitely not for the faint hearted, there are a few other options for those who just want to dip their toes in the water and try out the smaller things before heading on to the major Nepal adventures.

Trekking in Nepal
Trekking in Nepal


When it comes to trekking and Nepal, it seems the two words are almost synonymous. Most of the trekking routes requires you to pass through the villages where you get to encounter not just the untouched beauty of the countryside, but also the culture and warm hospitality of people residing there. As you go further from the villages, passing through a myriad of jungles, narrow trails, fast flowing streams and countless waterfalls, you will get to experience the best of nature first hand.


Now, it is a pretty well-known fact that Nepal is a country that has countless of mountains, and some of the highest peaks in the world, standing tall and proud in the Himalayan region. And with such an impressive range of mountains, it just makes Nepal a mountaineer’s paradise. Whether you want to climb up the ever-famous Mt Everest and the famous Annapurna massif, or other lesser known mountains which promise as much Nepal adventures as the rest, there is a plethora to choose from when it comes to mountaineering in Nepal.


Dubbed as one of the best white-water rafting destinations in the world, Nepal is not short of any fast-flowing rivers to gratify the adrenaline rush one gets from rafting along the gushing current of the water. Flowing from the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, rafting in the fast-flowing river while twisting and splashing every time will definitely bring you joy and excitement like no other.

Bunjee Jumping

It is true that bungee jumping is prevalent in several othercountries as well, but bungee in Nepal has its own unique taste to it. Have you ever wondered how it might feel to freefall off a cliff several meters above the ground, while being surrounded by the lush greenery as the river roars beneath you? Because bungee jumping in Nepal will give you the very same feeling as you enjoy the solitude one minute, and the exhilarating fall the other.

Rock Climbing

When you think of mountaineering, you might also associate it with climbing rocky cliffs and hills. While it does seem quite similar, the diverse topography of Nepal makes it two completely different activities. The hilly region of Nepal is blessed with a wide range of high hills and cliffs that give the perfect opportunity for climbers to experience in climbing. And if you want to partake in the thrill of climbing but are not committed to the hardcore climbing yet, there are a plenty of indoor climbing spots available.


With canyoning including an entire package of walking, hiking, climbing and sliding through waterfalls and rivers all in one single activity, it makes for the perfect thing to do in Nepal. Everyone talks about the mountains and trekking in Nepal, but what often goes overlooked are the pristine waterfalls thrashing down the deep gorges. So awaken the inner adventure seeker in you, and explore the hidden gems, sliding down the spectacular canyons.


If you consider yourself to be the kind of person who prefers to be up in the air, and are tired of walking and visiting the same places, paragliding might be the one for you. Gliding across the sky and having the perfect aerial view of everything beneath will certainly make you feel ecstatic. From viewing the blue lakes, to the green terrains and not to forget the majestic mountains surrounding you, you’ll get to see it all.

Mountain Biking

Activities relating to mountains and Nepal don’t just stop at mountaineering and trekking. In fact, mountain biking is an activity that has been gaining a lot of momentum in the past few years in Nepal adventures . The narrow, steep and rocky trails might look like they will lead you to a dead end, but they actually lead you to the beautiful landscapes including the fresh crisp air, the rural settlements and even a yak or two, and of course not to forget, the breath-taking mountains.

Smriti Bajracharya

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